A First Look At The Slimmer And Smarter Asimo Humanoid Robot

Wanna get a glimpse of what the future will look like? Take a look at the all-new Asimo humanoid robot. Honda’s star robot has polished its act by not only improving past capabilities, but with a new intelligence capability the robot can coordinate those capabilities and adapt to changing situations. In short, Asimo has graduated from an “automatic machine” controlled by an operator to an “autonomous machine” that makes its own decisions and gets things done on its own.

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Can Our Brains Tell Us What Is Real?

by Marcelo Gleiser 

A visitor looks at the "Brain of Van Gogh" by Belgian artist Jan Fabre on October 19, 2011 at the Grand Palais in Paris.









As I write these lines, an unknown choreography organizes the firing of millions of neurons in my brain; thoughts emerge and are expressed as words, typed on my laptop by a detailed coordination of eye and hand muscles. Something is in charge, an entity we loosely call our "mind."

My perception of the world around me, as modern cognitive neuroscience teaches us, is synthesized within different regions of my brain. What I call reality results from the integrated sum of countless stimuli collected through my five senses, brought from the outside into my head via my nervous system. Cognition, the awareness of being here now, is a fabrication of countless chemical reactions flowing through myriad synaptic connections between my neurons.

I am, and you are, a self-sustaining electrochemical network enacted across a web of biological cells. And yet, we are much more.

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BankSimple Is Now Just ‘Simple’, And It’s Accepting Its First Users

by Jason Kincaid via TechCrunch

<p>BankSimple Demo from BankSimple on Vimeo.</p>

BankSimple, the well-funded startup that’s setting out to build ‘a bank that doesn’t suck’, has some big news today: it’s now allowing its first users into the service. And to mark the occasion, it’s announcing another major change: the company is now just called "Simple" (and yes, they own Simple.com).

Simple has gotten a lot of pre-launch coverage — it was co-founded by CEO Joshua Reich, CFO Shamir Karkal and CTO Alex Payne, who made a big splash when he announced he was leaving his role as Twitter’s API lead to help start the new banking service. The company has also raised a lot of money for a service that has yet to launch, with a $3.1 million round in September 2010 and another $10 million in August 2011.

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