Your Next Smart Phone Could Have a Holographic Projector Inside of It

by Andy Boxall via 

Future technology Concept Holographic iPhone 6 - Dream

If you keep hold of the phone you already own until late 2015, you may have the chance to buy a new model with a holographic projector inside. That’s the vision of California-based startup Ostendo Technologies, which has been hard at work creating projectors small enough to be used in a mobile device. The project is advancing at such a rate, the 2D version should be ready by summer next year.

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Apple Confirms They Will Buy Beats By Dre for $3 Billion

by Peter Kafka via


The Apple/Beats Electronics deal is now official, and Apple says it will spend up to $3 billion to buy the headphone maker and streaming music company.


Because Apple likes the businesses Beats has already built, and wants to make new stuff with the help of its employees, says CEO Tim Cook. “We could build about anything that you could dream of. But that’s not the question,” he said in an interview with Re/code. “The thing that Beats provides us is a head start, and it provides us with incredible people, kindred spirits.”

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Google Reveals Its Self-Driving Cars

by Kaylene Hong via


Google’s co-founder Sergey Brin announced at theCode Coference today that the company has built a number of prototype self-driving cars from scratch.

Google’s prototype cars don’t need a human to intervene at all — which means there isn’t a steering wheel, accelerator pedal or brake pedal. Instead, software and sensors replace all of those.

The company says that the automobiles will be very “basic” — as it wants to adapt them as quickly as possible to different use-cases, but the bottomline is that they will transport you to your destination at the push of a button.

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Google Close To Snapping Up Satellite Startup Skybox Imaging For $1B+

by Ingrid Lunden via 

Skyboximaging wide

Google made a play for the skies in April when it swept in and acquired Titan Aerospace amid reports that the drone maker was being pursued by Facebook. But Google’s interest in hardware companies that provide primary sources of data is not ending there. Google is closing in on a deal for Skybox Imaging, a satellite company that specialises in recording very detailed landscape pictures and video.

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Human Brain Size Is Shrinking... Thank Domesticity

by Orion D. Jones via


Using fossil records to measure cranial capacity through the millennia, researchers have found that as we become increasingly domesticated as a species, the size of our brain continues to shrink. Bruce Hood, psychologist at the University of Bristol, UK, says shrinkage is best explained by changes in society: "We have been self-domesticating through the invention of culture and practices that ensure that we can live together." Hood notes that as humans have domesticated other species, from cows to dogs, their cranial capacity has also shrunk as they learn to enlist the help of their human masters rather than invent their own solutions.

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