The Story of Caron Butler

Caron Butler overcame a troubled past, turning himself into the man he always wanted to be. Before making it in the NBA, discover his rough beginnings on the streets and prison.

It's #biggerthantheblock

The Hoverboard Is Here... For Real!

We love innovation!

The ‘hendo‘ hoverboard defies gravity to provide a smooth ride whilst floating one inch off the ground. using four disc-shaped hover engines, a special magnetic field pushes against itself to generate the lift which levitates the board off the floor. it is intended for self-propelling but the actions which stabilize it can also be used to drive it forward – by alternating the projection forces. the result is an effortless glide that seamlessly integrates with the rider’s natural movements.

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In Memory of Dr. Masaru Emoto - "Everything is energy... Give Love"

The World of Water....

A world of which every living entity shares a part, and yet about which we know significantly little...

Until the groundbreaking work of a pioneer Japanese researcher whose astonishing discovery about water, documented photographically, changed most of what we didn't know and led to a new consciousness of Earth's most precious resource.

"The messages from water are telling us to look inside ourselves"

Interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto about the effects of his discovery for us in daily life about Water