Direct Brain-to-Brain Communication Demonstrated In Human Subjects


In a first-of-its-kind study, an international team of neuroscientists and robotics engineers have demonstrated the viability of direct brain-to-brain communication in humans. Recently published in PLOS ONE the highly novel findings describe the successful transmission of information via the internet between the intact scalps of two human subjects -- located 5,000 miles apart.

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Warren Sapp Co-Founds Rivalry Fantasy Sports, the Best Way to Play Daily Fantasy Football on Your Mobile Device

via Yahoo Finance

Warren Sapp, former all-pro and NFL Hall of Famer, is launching Rivalry Fantasy Sports: an exciting new entrant in the daily fantasy football space. Rivalry Fantasy Sports features all major sports, including both NFL and college fantasy football. The app continues the trend in short duration fantasy sports with its ground-breaking game play allowing users to play for a single game for free, and earn prizes including real money. The Rivalry Fantasy Sports app is available as a free download from the App Store on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

“Fantasy football has grown rapidly over the past few years but still lacked a truly great mobile product designed for the fan: a place to play fantasy any time, any game, and make you feel closer to the action,” says Sapp. “When we developed the app we knew we had a winner, and even the name Rivalry Fantasy Sports hints at the underlying rivalries that are hashed out during the game.”

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Coding Schools Emerge in Era of High Demand for Programming Skills

by Robert Montenegro


Coding is hot. Real hot. Like Brad Pitt making you breakfast hot. And with the secret out that computer programming could be the trampoline to launch you toward a better career, new academies are popping up to teach those interested. Katrina Bishop of CNBC reports on the new coding curriculum, as well as how computer programming has become one of the job market's most desirable skills:

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